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      Epoxy Flooring Installers

      We are a reliable provider of epoxy flooring repair and replacement solutions and we have been serving the greater community of Lansing, Michigan, for nearly a decade.

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      Premier Edge Concrete Solutions in Lansing, Michigan

      Are you a homeowner and is your garage or pool deck beginning to show its age? It’s time to make a change, and what better way to do so than through a professional epoxy flooring installation? The material offers an increased amount of strength and durability, and you also have a chance to greatly improve the appearance of your concrete installation. We can perform installations in commercial and residential settings, and we make use of high-grade materials for every job that we carry out. Epoxy overlays will also protect your concrete flooring from undergoing severe erosion.

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      Professional Installation Services

      The People We Serve

      When it comes to quality asphalt shingles, we offer several varieties to meet your budgetary needs and your home’s needs. From strip shingles to dimensional shingles to luxury shingles, we can do it all! We offer a wide variety of colors to match your home. We’ll work with you to choose the best shingle that will determine your roof’s performance, longevity, and look.

      Residential Epoxy flooring

      Residential Settings

      More and more homeowners are getting on board with epoxy flooring because the material offers many benefits and enhancements to their property.

      You have probably heard of proxy flooring, but you’re not quite sure what it is. Epoxy flooring is a method of strengthening and beautifying concrete. You probably also see it installed almost everywhere: in hospitals, retail stores, and even the gym. You then wonder if you can install epoxy in your own home. Well, you absolutely can. Epoxy is perfect for a variety of settings and environments because the material itself is extremely long-lasting and ensures that your concrete flooring will not succumb to physical deterioration. 

      There are many different areas in your home where you can install your epoxy flooring. Some examples include your kitchen, basement, garage, patio, and pool deck. Whether it’s an indoor or outdoor installation, you can make use of epoxy. We always recommend to our clients that they opt to install epoxy in their basement because the shiny and reflective properties of the material will greatly increase visibility and make it much easier to see things downstairs. Epoxy will also protect your basement from potential water damage were a leak to occur. 

      Many homeowners also install epoxy in their garage because it gives it an updated appearance and renders the space more serviceable. If you work on your car a lot, then you know that oil or grease will leak onto the floor. What happens next is these materials and chemicals will seep into the concrete material and weaken it. Epoxy will keep your garage flooring in pristine condition because the overlay/topcoat will isolate the spill and make it easier to clean up. An epoxy floor alone can easily transform your garage into the workshop you’ve always wanted it to be.

      Commercial Epoxy flooring

      Commercial Settings

      If you own a business or operate a warehouse, then you should strongly consider installing epoxy flooring for its durability and ease of maintenance.

      The reason that our commercial clients are coating their concrete flooring with epoxy is that they want to make it more durable and long-lasting. What often happens with a traditional installation is the floor weakens and succumbs to severe structural damage. This is due to heavy foot traffic and chemical spills that happen on a nearly routine basis. Also, when you need to repair or perform maintenance on your floor, most of the time you have to shut things down, which affects the bottom line of your business and make it harder for you to do your job.

      We can perform commercial or industrial epoxy installations in a variety of settings. No matter the kind of work you do, we can serve you. Wherever there is concrete flooring, we can install the epoxy overlay. Some of the many places in which we provide service include:

      • Grocery stores and retail outlets
      • Breweries and distilleries
      • Factories, warehouses, and manufacturing facilities
      • Car shops and automotive plants
      • Restaurants, bars, dining halls, and eateries
      • Healthcare facilities, including hospitals and clinics
      Services Throughout Lansing, Michigan

      Everything We Offer

      We provide a variety of services and we have a diverse clientele
      metallic epoxy floor

      Metallic Epoxy

      Metallic epoxy installations represent a revolution in flooring advancements. They will completely transform the appearance of the setting in which you install it in several ways. With metallic epoxy, you get all of the benefits of regular epoxy installations, the main difference is that you are adding a lot more depth and dimension to the beauty of your flooring. It’s an extremely unique mixture containing metallic resins that achieve a certain appearance that other epoxy materials cannot replicate. Metallic epoxy is popular for residential and public installations because it will provide you with that wow factor that will put your flooring over the top.
      rustic wood flooring

      Wood Concrete

      Wood concrete installations are unique because we can make the epoxy mixture resemble wood materials. This eliminates a lot of the hassle of the upkeep that’s involved in maintaining the appearance of wood flooring. This is because wood has a tendency to absorb moisture and the material is also extremely vulnerable to infestations. Wood concrete installations are extremely attractive-looking and they offer you the same durability and strength that you would get with epoxy flooring. The material is also stain-resistant and the sturdy overlay ensures that your floor won’t undergo any damage for some time to come.
      pool deck repair

      Pool Deck Resurfacing

      Concrete that’s in the vicinity of an outdoor pool is liable to undergo structural damage, and that’s because these typically experience a lot of foot traffic. Also, the water within your pool contains chlorine and other chemicals that can damage your pool deck. Resurfacing or replacing your pool deck altogether with an epoxy installation is a game-changer. The material will be less susceptible to damage due to heat and moisture. It is also worth mentioning that because epoxy is heat-resistant, you won’t have to worry about your pool deck overheating and burning your feet.
      sealed concrete

      Concrete Sealing

      No matter if it’s an outdoor patio, garage, or pool deck, we can easily reseal the surface of your concrete. You should always have us reseal it periodically because you want to extend the lifespan of your concrete. Resealing will save you a lot of money in the long run because if you fail to do so, then you will need to replace the concrete material, which can be very costly. Resealing will also prevent mold and other unhealthy growths from emerging, which can discolor your concrete and make it look ugly. When you have us reseal your concrete, you are restoring the strength and durability of the material. You are also adding more value to your property by making your concrete look new again.
      rubberized floor coating

      Rubber Floor Coating

      Rubber flooring is an alternative to an epoxy method that does a lot of similar things. This includes adding more strength to your flooring and minimizing the maintenance involved in keeping it in good condition. Rubber flooring is structurally resilient and durable, making it an optimal option for a variety of commercial settings. The material can also absorb a lot of impact without sustaining any damage, and it also offers long-lasting results, which means that you won’t have to repair or replace it for years to come. Rubber flooring is also one of the most sustainable materials out there because it is usually made from recycled tires.
      Basement epoxy (2)

      Basement Coatings

      Many of our clients hire us because they don’t want the moisture that collects in their basement to damage and deteriorate their concrete flooring. This is why our epoxy flooring and resealing services are perfect for you. A leak or breakage in your plumbing can occur at any time without you even knowing about it, and this could spell disaster for you financially. Our professional contractors and technicians can quickly seal off the concrete flooring in your basement so that you are better prepared when an emergency happens. Our resealing services essentially serve as an effective and affordable waterproofing method.

      Quick, Reliable, and Professional Installation Services

      More Information on
      Wood Concrete Installations
      Here is everything you need to know

      Typically we install wood concrete in an indoor setting, such as a kitchen or parlor. This is because they add a decorative element to the interior of your home that not many other materials can achieve. Wood concrete is created typically via a stamping method; this entails that we pour the overlay on a concrete floor and then we use a mold and stamping instruments to shape the material before it dries. This will give it a realistic and textured appearance.

      Although many of our customers in the Lansing area opt for an indoor installation, wood concrete also makes sense for an outdoor setting. They are perfect for patios because the overlay will give you that realistic effect while avoiding all of the drawbacks and disadvantages of wood materials. Wood concrete will also last a long time (the average lifespan of the material is roughly 25 years) and you won’t have to repair or replace it for many years to come. 

      • Establish a realistic appearance that closely resembles wood
      • Minimize repairs and maintenance
      • Beautify the inside or outside of your home
      • Avoid infestation, abrasions, and rotting
      Concrete Wood Floor (2)
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      Are you interested in learning more about our services? We specialize in different epoxy flooring solutions.
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      Epoxy Coatings
      If your plumbing were to clog and begin leaking, then this could spell doom for your basement. Moisture tends to collect in low-lying areas and this can affect your concrete flooring. An epoxy coating in your basement is a great way to ensure that you can protect it from undergoing severe structural damage. You can also renovate your basement’s appearance at an affordable price.
      Epoxy Flooring
      Metallic epoxy is truly something to behold; you will not find another material that can match the beauty and majesty of a metallic epoxy coating. When your friends and neighbors see your metallic epoxy flooring, they’ll get super jealous and want to install it in their homes! You can also install metallic epoxy just about anywhere and it offers all the benefits of a normal epoxy flooring.
      Residential and
      Commercial Installations
      We provide services for a variety of clients, and if you’re not sure that we would be able to serve you, then give us a call anyway. Our top priority is to ensure that you have access to our services regardless of your situation. Whether you are a homeowner or you run a business, we promise that we can perform an epoxy flooring installation at a consumer-friendly price.
      epoxy floor coating Lansing
      The Areas We Serve
      We serve anyone located in Lansing and the surrounding areas, and we ensure that we can revamp your concrete flooring in a way that is suitable to your needs. We are committed to providing all of our clients with a reliable installation service. Here are some of the communities that we serve:
      East Lansing
      Professional Epoxy Flooring Solutions
      Our contractors possess all the expertise and experience to install a brand new epoxy floor. You always can trust us to deliver amazing results.
      • Warehouses
      • Factories
      • Residential Properties
      • Retail Stores
      • Hospitals and Health Clinics
      • Apartment Complexes
      • Schools and Universities
      • Government Buildings
      • Sports Facilities
      • Small Businesses