Metallic Epoxy Floor Coatings

Metallic epoxy is a beautiful way to create an entirely different kind of aesthetic inside your home or office space. This protective yet eye-catching material will help your space function better, last longer, and look beautiful for years to come. If you have never used epoxy on your floors, you might be surprised to know about some of its features. If you’ve landed on this page, we are going to explain some of the advantages of epoxy. Metallic epoxy is perfect for businesses looking to brand themselves as high-end client-based companies. It offers a professional aesthetic that always gets attention.
  • Eye-catching designs with a professional flare
  • Durability and longevity for home or office
  • Affordable luxury looking finish
Metallic epoxy has many advantages over other luxury flooring options, and we will some of those features below. Other floors can get expensive to install and even more costly to maintain. Metallic epoxy is more affordable in the long-run, especially when you start factoring in its ease of maintenance. For example, hardwood floors are hard to maintain and will require costly servicing. Before we get into the details, read more below to learn more about our company and people.

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    Where to find metallic epoxy

    Metallics Make a Statement

    Metallics are a wonderful way to make a statement in your home or business. Here is a look at some of the most popular places to find metallic epoxy coatings.
    • Main Living Areas
    • Game Rooms
    • Artist Spaces
    • Automotive Businesses
    • Medical Facilities
    • Playrooms
    • Retail Boutiques
    • Restaurants
    • Corporate Centers
    • and more
    metallic epoxy

    Learn more about our company and people

    Hire the best in the business

    A look behind our business

    • We have been in the epoxy flooring industry for several years and have gained tremendous knowledge and expertise. We give our clients confidence by performing and delivering quality work with skilled Crafts People. Our install teams are troubleshooters and artists and love communicating with the customer to ensure they get exactly what they want.
    • We go the extra mile to ensure our business is regarded as skilled and professional. This is why we are a licensed and insured company and offer labor warranties on our projects. We want our customers to feel confident about hiring us. Our customer-centric business model ensures each client is given the VIP treatment.
    • if you believe you’d like to work with our team, collect images of your desired finish and bring them to us with either an in-person visit or email. We will get started on your project and get you an estimate. If you don’t know where to start, don’t worry, we have a design team ready to help you in the creative process. From there, we’ll be happy to schedule your project at your convenience and show up ready to work and deliver a beautiful floor.

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    Advantages of metallic epoxy coatings

    Aesthetics + Durability

    There are very few flooring options that can deliver both visual appeal and strength. Metallic epoxy flooring will not disappoint. Learn more below about its unique benefits.
    metallic epoxy garage floor


    Whether you are looking to add visual appeal to your home or a new layer of professionalism to your business, metallic epoxy is a great way to do it. Homeowners and business owners alike want to create beautiful environments to live and work within. A homeowner may want a visually appealing artistic flair to their living room spaces or game rooms. Business owners might be looking for a way to express their luxury-minded products or services. Either way, metallic epoxy flooring offers a beautiful aesthetic.
    metallic epoxy floor coating


    Our business owner clients love using metallics, patterns, and logos to brand their businesses. We can combine metallic epoxy coatings with your business logo to welcome guests in the foyer of your office space, restaurant, or retail boutique. These floors showcase how unique your business is and how seriously you take the customer experience.
    metallic epoxy floor system


    If you have never worked with epoxy coatings in the past, you might not know how long these floors can last. This is especially helpful in the business world, but also for homeowners who want a floor that delivers on style and durability. Epoxy is made of resins that are combined with other chemical compounds to offer longevity that is hard to beat.
    pure metallic epoxy floor


    Superior strength

    One of the best features of epoxy flooring, from the most basic to the most high-end luxury finishes, is that the floors are incredibly durable. They are designed to withstand heavy equipment or machinery as well as repeated foot traffic. This floor is ideal for busy retailers in need of a floor that works as hard as their business.

    garage metallic epoxy floor


    A must-have feature for any business owner

    Epoxy flooring can be built and designed with safety in mind. While the flooring may look slick to the naked eye, the epoxy can actually be poured with texture and a protective layer to keep patrons and staff safer. This will make the floors slip-resistant, fire-resistant, and easier to maintain and clean.


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