Concrete Coatings

Where do we begin? There are so many options when it comes to deciding on a concrete coating for your home or business. All of these are designed to be protective and durable, so it keeps your floors looking brand new for years to come. We have several options available for those looking to add both aesthetic value or durability to their spaces. Our coatings work well for residential properties in garages, basements, kitchens, baths, and beyond. For commercial properties, the protective nature of these floors works great in retail, restaurant, and office atmospheres.
  • Countless aesthetic options
  • Protetective coastings for home and office
  • Affordable and designed to last for years
Our mission is to pair the right concrete coating with how you use your space. Your lifestyle plays a role in what kinds of coatings might work best. Whether you want something that is high heat resistant like an epoxy coating, or you’re seeking a more luxury finished like polished concrete stone, we have a finish for that. Keep reading to learn more about what we can do for you.

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    Where to Use Concrete Coatings

    A snapshot into spaces that benefit from these coatings

    Depending on the kind of concrete coating you go with, you’ll find that most work well in the following areas of a home or business:
    • Garage
    • Basements
    • Office spaces
    • Wet areas
    • Retail shops
    • Restaurants
    • Automotive shops
    • Medical facilities
    • Commercial complexes
    • Recreation facilities
    epoxy coating

    Coat Your Concrete

    Why Your Should Coat Do It

    Top Reasons to Use Concrete Coatings

    • One reason to coat your concrete floors is to make them less susceptible to liquids and chemicals. Concrete is a porous material, and when put in contact with chemicals or stains, it can deteriorate your floors. We can customize the coating to work in the space it will be used in, so you’re getting a coating that combats environmental factors.
    • Use a coating to protect your floors from damage from everyday wear and tear. You’ll be able to preserve the color and aesthetics better and save money by not having to replace floors over time. Besides, you’ll spend less time caring for your floors since they keep dust and moisture at bay.
    • The use of coating products will help keep your home or business free of allergens and health risks. The more surfaces that can hold on to things like dust, mold, moisture, bacteria, or viruses, the more vulnerable a space is to the people who occupy it. Use a concrete coating to keep your home or office free of elements or particles that might interfere with feeling great.

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    Types of Concrete Coatings

    What Option is Best for Your Space?

    Let’s take a look at the options you have to add a concrete coating to your floors. Each one is a little different, and this will be a good place to start in figuring out which will work for you.
    epoxy garage floor coating

    Polished Concrete Coating

    We would use the existing concrete floor and give it a reflective finish through polishing and coating. This is achieved through grinding the concrete down with tools and diamond polishing grinders. The results are lustrous floors that have a richer tone or hue. It’s a great option for people or businesses that need an easy-maintenance floor that looks great for years.
    concrete epoxy coatings

    Stain and Seal

    We can stain and seal concrete for an economical solution to bare concrete floors. This option has fewer steps and leaves the floors with a flat or matte finish. Stains are typically water-based, which can result in a transparent hue or be layered to be more opaque. When the desired color is achieved, the floor will be sealed for protection and longevity.
    epoxy coatings for concrete floors

    Epoxy Concrete Coating

    This is one of the more versatile concrete coatings on the market as it gives you more aesthetic options and can deliver a unique or artistic finish. Epoxy can be subtle or bold depending on your vibe, and we can add things like patterns and metallics to turn up the originality factors. When done right, epoxy can last decades, making it a valuable feature with a great return on investment.
    garage epoxy coating

    Overlays and Micro-Coatings

    For floors that struggle

    The solution to floors that are in bad condition is overlays or micro-coatings. These are usually the last resort before having to tear out old concrete and start over. Either one can bring your old floors back and turn them into something right out of Pinterest. While not the most affordable option, these are cheaper than starting over and offer years (likely decades) of enjoyment.

    epoxy floor coating contractors

    Stains, Dyes, and Sealants

    Perfecting aesthetics

    The wonderful thing about using a stain or dye is that you can perfect the look you want out of your concrete. You can turn concrete into high-end stonework looks, limestone, marble finishes, granite, and more. These can be as subtle as you want, or you can add bold patterns or colors. Stains and dyes are designed to seep into the concrete further, offering years of wear and tear while looking great. We can seal these with a coating designed specifically for the space. For example, a sealant with UV protection for a sunroom or patio.


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