Basement Floor Coatings

As the foundation of your home, basement floors can be tricky to install. This can be due to moisture, flood potential, or other environmental factors. We have various floor coatings that offer protection and aesthetics, so you’re not left with plain concrete floors. A floor coating for concrete will not only transform a space visually, but it will also protect your floors for many years. There are many options available for basement floor coatings, and we will share some of those below. But let us also share the benefits of basement floor coatings and why they might be an excellent choice for your home.
  • Many options available
  • Visually transform the space
  • Affordable option for homeowners
As you review the advantages of floor coatings below, make a note of any questions you might have along the way. We work relentlessly to support our clients through this process, so they have all the information they need to make the best decision about their basement floors. Below you will get a better sense of our process and how you can achieve high-end aesthetics for a fraction of the price of luxury options.

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    Plenty of Finish Options

    If you have a particular look you’d like to achieve in your basement; you might not yet know the options available. Here is a snapshot of those styles:
    • High Gloss Showroom
    • Matte minimalist
    • Satin finishes
    • Unlimited color pallet
    • Patterns or Textures
    • Artistic aesthetics
    • Metallic finishes
    • Polished concrete
    • Industrial finishes
    • Many More
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    Basement Floor Coatings

    Our Process

    A little about what it’s like to hire us

    • Our process is simple. Call us with your project details and let us know what you’re thinking about for your basement floors. We will ask you a series of questions to learn more. We may need to visit your home to make a better assessment of your project and discuss additional details.
    • We will put together a quote for you that can be adjusted accordingly. We can add, subtract, or give you more ideas about options you might not have thought about. For example, such as decorative elements or extra protection depending on how you plan to use your basement. We will then schedule your install date.
    • We will come to your residence at your scheduled day and time and have everything we need to get your project done. Installation times vary depending on the type of flooring project we are doing for you. It may take a single day or a few days. You will know ahead of time so you can plan your life accordingly.

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    Benefits of Basement Floor Coatings

    What you gain with floor coatings

    Often, homeowners seek a floor coating to give their space a visually appealing look. There are many other benefits, however.
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    The most visible benefit to this sort of project is how your floor can be customized. You can choose from ornate and artistic options or keep things more simple for those clean lines and simple design styles. We suggest collecting a series of photos that target what you’re seeking and share those with us in your initail meeting.
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    Moisture Protection

    Basements are notorious for moisture due to being susceptible to the outside elements coming in. For example, if you live in a flood plain, the last thing you want to do is use flooring that can’t withstand a potential flood. Floor coatings can combat moisture or flooding as they ensure the concrete is less porous. The epoxy resins or sealants we use will help your floors stay dry staving off mildew or molds. These floor coatings will also help keep humidity under control, so your basement is a destination year-round.
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    Raw concrete is fairly vulnerable if left in that state. It can crack, chip away, crumble, or sheer off if it’s not treated somehow. Even if you’re not interested in the various ways to aesthetically transform your basement, we suggest doing some kind of polishing and sealing application. This is not just for protection, but it’s also to add value to your home as a great investment. Your floors will be able to handle more foot traffic, drops, spills, and other damage potentials when the floors are treated or sealed.
    basement epoxy floor coating


    Protect your Foundation Floors

    Since the basement floor is typically the ground level of your home and is closest to your foundation, you want to give it as many years as possible. Floor coatings will offer the homeowner years of protection so you can feel confident about the daily wear and tear it might experience. This is an affordable way to protect your home for years, if not decades.

    basement floor epoxy and sealer


    Protected floors are a snap to care for

    Some homeowners are content with the maintenance involved with materials like hardwoods, vinyls, slate, or stonework. Coated basement floors require little to no maintenance and are even easier to clean and care for. You will be able to clean up spills fast with little worry of staining. Imagine not having to buy specific tools or cleaning solutions to maintain your floors. Further, think about the crews you won’t have to hire to refinish or maintain the flooring every couple of years.


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