Commercial Epoxy Coatings

Our professional team of epoxy flooring installers is standing by to help you with your next epoxy coating project. This material works incredibly well in commercial business settings. Not only can it hold up to the daily back and forth of a business, but it is a safer material that is built to last for years to come. Epoxy coatings for floors and other surfaces offer a safer place to walk for employees and visitors, and is easy to clean and maintain for your facility managers. Commercial businesses need their facilities to function efficiently without a lot of hassle or interruption. Epoxy coatings are the material that can deliver that to your business
  • Durable surfaces that work as hard as your business
  • Safer material for staff and visitors
  • Easy care and maintenance for your facility managers
If you have never worked with epoxy coatings, we understand you may have questions. Keep reading to learn more about what epoxy can do for your business, but also, feel free to call us with your specific questions. Each project is unique, and we would be happy to get you the details you need for your particular business or industry.

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    Epoxy for Business

    Suited for Businesses That Require a Facility to Function

    We know companies must have flooring systems that require little to no maintenance and can keep up with the pace of business
    • Commercial Complexes
    • Hospitals and Medical Facilities
    • Aviation Facilities
    • Mail Facilities
    • Automotive Garages
    • Workshops
    • Chemical Plants
    • Warehouses
    • Schools
    • Churches
    commercial epoxy floor coating

    Epoxy for Commercial Business

    Just The Facts

    Breaking down how epoxy works in business

    • When used on floors, epoxy offers a smooth and slip-resistant surface to conduct business on. In fact, it is the very foundation of your business and how you move materials and products easily, from one space to another. It’s tough and nearly indestructible.
    • When you use epoxy on other surfaces, you will see equally beneficial results. Epoxy countertops and tables make surfaces smooth but not slick. Your staff can package with ease without the surface creating drag. You’ll see fewer blemishes and abuse when you choose epoxy, which makes them more aesthetically appealing.
    • No matter what surface you use epoxy on, we can customize the product to meet the needs of your business. We can customize the colors and style, patterns, etc. But, we can also address things like texture and UV protection. The goal is to understand where and how the surfaces will be used, so we can construct the right epoxy coating to meet those demands.

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    Top Benefits of

    Epoxy Flooring and Surfaces

    Let’s discuss some of the benefits of epoxy coatings when used in commercial business applications. These benefits address many business concerns and may help you determine if this is the right product for your company.
    commercial epoxy floor contractors


    Epoxy coatings are designed to protect any surface it is on. This means, if you apply it to a floor, it will wear against foot traffic, machinery, equipment, heavy loads, and drops. It’s also designed to be liquid wicking. So, if your business deals in liquids or chemicals, this flooring is ideal for your facility. The resins that bond with the other compounds in epoxy are what give epoxy its durability. There are very few materials on the market that can withstand the abuse an epoxy coating can. Ideal for flooring, but it can be placed on other surfaces like countertops, dining tables, and shelving spaces.
    commercial concrete epoxy


    There are guidelines and regulations for most large businesses. If it’s not for the product itself, it’s due to building codes and requirements. Epoxy coatings check these boxes for a safer facility. First, epoxy is slip-resistant, leading to fewer slip and fall incidents. Also, epoxy can take a significant amount of heat. This feature makes it fire-resistant and won’t be a material that will spread fire in the event one breaks out. This material is also less porous than other materials on the market and doesn’t harbor unwanted dust, debris, or bacterias. More on that in our next section.
    commercial concrete floor epoxy


    Depending on the type of facility epoxy is in, this feature will be beneficial to all businesses, but especially medical type facilities. Epoxy is a hard surface that isn’t penetrable. This results in fewer elements ‘attaching’ to it, collecting bacterias or viruses. This is an important feature in the medical space but is really advantageous to any business looking to keep their facility free of unhealthy particles. Epoxy is easy to clean, which is why we can say it cuts down on the potential of health risks.
    commercial epoxy


    One of the bigger concerns of facility managers is how they will maintain their flooring.

    Our work with commercial companies has given us a lot of insight into what is most important to a business like this. One of the things that comes up all the time is; how hard is it to maintain? We hear this question regularly, and we are happy to report, maintenance is a breeze. Your facility management won’t need special tools or cleaning supplies to keep this floor looking new. Since it is so durable, your team will spend less time repairing or coordinating repairs for it too.

    commercial epoxy flooring installers


    Visually support your business by using color and pattern to illustrate your professionalism and pride.

    Aesthetics are a great way to brand a business and offer a professional look to your company. We can help you do this by customizing color and pattern. The possibilities are truly endless when picking out the kinds of finishes you want. We can even add metallics and logos if you desire something specialized. Use your flooring to communicate for fun (like a logo) or function, directing people to elevators or restrooms.


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