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Do you have bare cement floors in your garage? Most homes do, and the trouble with them is that they stain easily, can take a lot of abuse, making the cement wear faster, and degrade, leaving dust and debris. The goal for any homeowner is to keep the garage looking the best it can from the floor up. Not an easy task given our garage is often a catch-all for, well, everything. If you have found our page, you might be wondering if garage floor epoxy can help you manage and protect your garage floors. You are correct because epoxy can help with this, but let’s learn why.
  • Epoxy nearly eliminates the cement dust and debris
  • Epoxy keeps moisture at bay
  • Epoxy is a valuable upgrade to your home’s value
On this page, you will learn more about how epoxy resin can benefit your garage. We’ll also discuss a little more about our company and our process. As you read through this page, if you have any questions, we invite you to contact us today and tell us more about your garage floor. We have expert teams standing by to help you install a tough and durable floor that also looks great.

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    Why Choose Epoxy for a Garage

    A Snapshot

    Here is a quick list of benefits for homeowners seeking a better flooring system for their garage and other utility spaces.
    • Superior durability
    • Longevity
    • Unlimited options
    • Eye-catching customizations
    • Moisture resistant
    • Fire resistant
    • Slip-resistant
    • Increase property value
    • Eco-friendly
    • and more
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    Our Company & People

    Learn more about us and our process

    We love what we do

    • Our company has been in business for years in the floor coating industry. This includes epoxy floors, polished concrete, sealants, stains and dyes, and so much more. We hire the very best in the industry, including our on-site installers, our communicative staff, and hour customer-centric management.
    • Our customers have complete confidence in our team because we are licensed and insured. We also offer various labor warranties as another layer of protection for our clients. We also invite the customer into the process as much or as little as they like to be included. Of course, we welcome any and all questions along the way.
    • Our process is simple. We encourage you to give us a call and tell us about your garage floor project and what you would like to do. We even welcome your sample photos to help us in this process. From there, we will get you a quote and schedule your installation date. On the day of your appointment, we come ready to work with every tool needed to get the job done. Before we leave your project, you will know exactly how to care for your epoxy garage floor.

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    Epoxy Garage Floors

    Benefits of using epoxy resins in floor coatings

    If you’ve never installed epoxy in the past, you might be curious about the benefits of this material. In fact, you may be surprised how versatile and dependable epoxy resin is.
    Garage Floor Coating


    One of the most beneficial features of epoxy garage floors is its protective nature. Garage floors, as you likely know, take a good bit of abuse day and night. If it’s not cars moving in and out of the space, then it’s likely tools and chemicals that are damaging the floor. When you use epoxy coating, you are minimizing the damage that can be done to your cement floors. This will keep them looking great for years to come.
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    Most home projects come with a price tag, but this project comes with a value-added benefit. If you ask a real estate agent about epoxy flooring, chances are they will tell you it has a great value add benefit. This means that the investments you make in your garage floors will likely pay off in the event you sell your home. Epoxy is also valuable, so you’re not having to repour or refinish your bare cement floors, which can get costly.
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    There really is no limit to the customizations on epoxy flooring. This flooring used to be basic, and look the same from home to home. But today, you can change everything from the color, the finish, and the texture. You can even add a logo, such as a favorite team, to add a bit of originality. This is a beautiful way to customize a space that you might spend a lot of time in, either with projects or entertaining friends and neighbors.
    epoxy garage floor coating

    Easy to Maintain

    Maintenance and clean up are a snap

    Have you noticed the dust and debris from your bare concrete floors? Unfortunately, concrete slowly erodes over time, creating a bit of a mess inside your garage. If you don’t clean this up regularly, you tend to get a lot of dust and irritants in your garage. Epoxy flooring nearly eliminates this erosion and creates a porous free environment for easy cleanup. The floor is also liquid wicking, which makes chemical spills or weather-related build up, easier to get rid of.

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    Epoxy is surprisingly eco-friendly

    Before epoxy is mixed, it is an eco-friendly product to source. The liquid mix is only toxic for a short time, which is why the pros handle this part of the job. Once it is cured, epoxy is eco-friendly again as it doesn’t require stripping precious materials from our planet and isn’t going to erode and contribute as a toxin. If being more eco-friendly is important to you and your family, epoxy might be a great option for you.


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