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Few surfaces are tougher than epoxy, which makes it an ideal material to work with for residential, commercial, or industrial properties. The perfecting of epoxy coatings for floors and other surfaces has evolved over the past several years. It has come a long way from the awkward kits you get at the big box stores. Today, we can customize these coatings in color, texture, pattern, and more. Our mission is to give you a flooring option that can stand the test of time, wear and tear, and still look beautiful for years to come. Why choose us?
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Below you’ll learn more about the benefits of installing epoxy floor coatings and what you can expect from them in the years to come. You’ll also get more insight into what it’s like to work with our company. Please let us know if you have any questions along the way; we have a team standing by to assist.

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    Epoxy Flooring Lasing

    Where You’ll Find

    Epoxy Coatings

    A sample of applications

    • Garage floors are a great candidate for epoxy coating. These areas tend to get dusty, stained, and abused over time. You can use epoxy to disguise that abuse or eliminate it altogether. We can create multi-layered coatings that will stand up to weather, moisture, debris, heavy equipment, chemicals, and more.
    • Kitchens and bathrooms are another ideal area where epoxy can really shine. These are heavily used rooms in both residential and commercial applications. We can customize the epoxy to look like other materials such as marble or stone, leaving you with a more affordable option.
    • High traffic areas are no match for epoxy coatings. You can find these in spaces like hospitals, churches, schools, and corporate settings. We will construct your floors to ensure they withstand the traffic you anticipate. You can expect these floors to last for several years or decades.

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    Epoxy Coatings Benefits

    Residential, Commercial, and Industrial

    If you are unfamiliar with what epoxy coatings can do, you’ll find the information below helpful. We can handle your project from concept to completion and look forward to working with you.
    Epoxy Floor Coating


    One of the ways epoxy has evolved over the years is through customization. We can achieve luxury looks that are like works of art. We encourage you to zone in on a color pallet and collect images of ideas to share with us. This will ensure we can achieve a similar look but make it unique and original for your home or office. We can play with:

    • Color – Create bold or subtle color pallets depending on your style and vibe. We can even add metallics to your epoxy for a truly unique looking floor or surface.
    • Pattern – We can achieve various patterns from free form to logos. This is especially popular among our commercial clients who are looking to brand their businesses.
    • Texture – We can use various finishes to give the floor texture or protection. This can help it become easier to walk on and safer underfoot. /li>
    Commercial Epoxy Flooring


    Epoxy coatings are made from a series of chemical reactions that bond and harden to create tough surfaces. Durability is one of the epoxy’s most notable features. You can drop heavy items on it with little to no damage. It’s designed to hold up to repetitive foot traffic or the use of equipment or machinery.

    • Resins combine to create a hard bond that is tougher than nails.
    • Epoxy can handle drops and chemical spills.
    epoxy concrete floor


    This material is a dream to clean up after. Unlike other surfaces like tile, wood, or vinyl, epoxy has superior ease of maintenance. You won’t need fancy cleaners or tools to clean up spills, and we can use UV coatings to protect it if it will be exposed to a lot of sunlight. Often warm water and mild water-based cleaners will get the surface clean with ease.

    • An ideal flooring system for your maintenance team.
    • Cuts down on dust and debris.
    • Superior longevity
    epoxy flooring contractors


    A top priority for commercial properties

    When working with commercial property owners or businesses, we find that safety is a concern. Our floors are both slip-resistant and fire-resistant. This will equate to fewer slip and fall incidents as well as a high heat material that won’t spread fire in the event one breaks out.

    • Slip-resistant – fewer slip and fall incidents
    • won’t spread fire since it is fire resistant.
    epoxy floor installers


    A mindful product for the future

    Many flooring options on the market require sourcing material from our environment. This isn’t the case with epoxy. In its unmixed form, the material is completely safe and non-toxic. After it cures it returns to that state, so it’s a better option for those with health considerations or allergies. You’ll feel good about choosing epoxy coatings over others that require an environmental impact.


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