Epoxy floors are a popular choice among home and business owners in the Lansing, Michigan area due to the longevity and overall resistance of the material. Many people believe that having an epoxy coating installed by a professional company is expensive and difficult to afford, so they opt for a DIY kit instead. Epoxy coatings from Epoxy Flooring Lansing are not only affordable for most budgets, but they also use the highest quality of materials available. You can read more below on why you should avoid choosing a DIY epoxy kit for your floors.

Installation Can Be Difficult

While many DIY epoxy kits are marketed as easy to install and no experience is necessary, these claims are really minimizing how intricate the epoxy installation process can be. Epoxy coating installations are designed to be permanent, which means there is little room for any errors during the installation. If there are bubbles on the surface of your floor or peeling at the corners, you will need to call in a professional to help with repairs. This can end up costing you more money and hassle in the long run, which is why homeowners should always make the first step of reaching out to a professional company.

DIY Epoxy Is Time Consuming

Many homeowners believe that the installation process is quick and easy to complete due to the advertising claims but the actual installation is only part of the epoxy process. You will also need to consider time for surface preparation, curing of the materials, and applying a topcoat or protective sealant. Professionally installed epoxy floors leave the difficult installation process to the pros and the use of high-quality materials results in a floor that cures faster than with DIY materials. This can help save you days or weeks of time that you would have to wait to enjoy your new floor!

You May Need To Purchase Additional Tools

While many DIY kits for epoxy are advertised as easy to install and cost-effective, the truth is that many of these kits do not provide all of the necessary tools for a proper epoxy coating installation. Depending on the state of your current concrete slab and the level of preparation needed, you can end up spending hundreds of dollars extra to purchase all of the tools needed for these specialized coatings. Even small items like roller cages, extension cords, and blowers can add up when you have to purchase all of the tools. Homeowners should consider spiked shoes and squeegees to help the final product look flawless.

Surface Prep Is Challenging

While most people assume that installing epoxy just consists of pouring the material and waiting for it to cure, but there are other steps that need to be completed to ensure the floor’s surface is ready for such an intricate coating installation. If your concrete slab has cracks, chips, or stains on the surface, it will need to be properly prepared to ensure the epoxy adheres securely and provides a stunning appearance. There are certain tools and products that professional companies use to minimize the appearance of stains and to fill any blemishes. This is why installing epoxy on your own can be challenging and may not produce the final product you originally envisioned.

Top Coat May Not Be Provided

Another disadvantage of choosing a DIY epoxy kit is that not all of the required materials will be provided with the kit. If you had envisioned a shiny and reflective epoxy floor that is able to stand up against the harsh winter weather in Lansing, it’s best to contact a professional for assistance with installation. Most DIY kits are advertised as all in one but they do not contain surface prep materials or a top coat to seal the floor. This means your epoxy is at risk of damage from factors like excess moisture or stains! Don’t make an investment into epoxy to be disappointed with the final results, trust in the team of experts at Epoxy Flooring Lansing.

May Take Away From Your Home’s Value

While professionally installed epoxy can help to add value to your home, using a DIY epoxy kit can actually be detrimental to your home’s value or to potential homebuyers if you put the property up for sale. Epoxy floors are known for being bright and inviting, with the signature reflective surface. When you install epoxy on your own, you may not be able to achieve the same look that professionals with years of experience can. While DIY kits may seem affordable and easy to execute, the best way to ensure you increase your home’s value is to contact a licensed professional.

Choose a Professional Company For Epoxy

The best way to make sure your new epoxy floor is visually appealing and installed with proper techniques is to trust a professional company like Epoxy Flooring Lansing. The team of experts has provided Michigan home and business owners with quality epoxy work for decades. Don’t make such a large investment just to be unhappy with the final product, reach out to an epoxy professional today!